Femoesa's Works

Walter White
Essentie is  dutch and means essence
subtiel (subtle) @ vlaardingen
Zien is dutch for See
beans on a tree stump
split peas on a tree stump
25 meters wheat flour circle
21 sandwich bags
nails + yarn
Smile :)
Peter Faber & Fridah Kahlo
@ Delft
Life / Xorof
@ Delft
@ Delft
@ Amsterdam
Dead tree wrapped in plastic
@ Abandoned tennis court
Cheech & Chong
Butt-head and Beavis
Keith Haring
@ The Hague
@ Schiedam
@ Rotterdam
handrail wrapped in plastic
@ Rotterdam
Kunstvlaai 2012
paper and kite string


Mail me @ -- contact@femoesa.com --

Hello my name is Femoesa, the name Femoesa was first only my DJ name but now i used also as my artist name. At this moment i am building painting robots together with Benadski , more info will follow soon.

See for more info about the works the "projects" tab.

I also i like to make music with my computer and Renoise and midi controllers, i also like to pratice on my old Casio SA 21 that's having some great and odd sounds on it. From time to time i also make a mix with virtual dj,some mixes i made are here at promodj.com.

Also i like to make website's like 50shadesofgrey.net, A blue rice cake on a yellow background and fnjkywerbmnfvp9err3whj3867iudfshjnbx76v9wejhksdfkmnbsdkfjvy7u0p.com.
Also i made Vicious Circles and Kitchy Flying Flowers.



painting robotsAt this moment i am building painting robots together with Benadski. If i got more info i will show it here.

fnjkywerbmnfvp9err3whj3867iudfshjnbx76v9wejhksdfkmnbsdkfjvy7u0p.com (2015)

Yarn worksfnjkywerbmnfvp9err3whj3867iudfshjnbx76v9wejhksdfkmnbsdkfjvy7u0p.com.

Yarn Works (May 2012 - ????)

Yarn worksIn may 2012 i started with the yarn works, in that year i went to the Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam and to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and that was much fun.
Sometimes i make a sketch before making a work, i use the grid function in a painting program to make the design.
Most of the time i use the yarn from the Action, it's a store with cheap products and the yarn is pretty good.
I like to know how my mind works and other people's minds and why i do the things i do and why other people do what they do and that's why i make works like "intuition", "essentie" (essence) and "consciousness".
Sometimes i also do geometric works, face's or a smiley. You also have limimations with doing yarn works, first you have to find a fence (big enough, good background), then you have to go out on a cloudy day but when there's to much sun you dont get a good picture. You only can use 2 colors that are good visible (neon yellow and white), other colors are just not good visible.

+- 2002 - 2014

Graffiti and moreIn this period i did some graffiti on the Delft Hall of Fame and some other Halls of Fame like the one in Rotterdam, Maassluis, The Hague or Den Bosch. Also i did some paste-ups, stickers and plastic graffiti and more. U can find some works on: ttblfr.com Also i did some chalk works and installations.


Week 20 - 2015:

Cultone @ The Hague.

Week 19 - 2015:

Just finished my street art/internet project fnjkywerbmnfvp9err3whj3867iudfshjnbx76v9wejhksdfkmnbsdkfjvy7u0p.com.

Also new yarn work @ The Hague.

Week 18 - 2015:

I created a page with some older yarn works besides the big main gallery pictures, you can find them here.

Week 16 - 2015:

Interesting graffiti with a message by IMPEACH @ here

intuition @ The Hague.

this is awesome

Really love the work's by Malarky

New work - Faith @ Wateringen.
faith yarn work

New work - Geometric @ Kwintsheul.

Week 15 - 2015:

New work - Impossible geometric @ The Hague.

Week 14 - 2015:

New work - qualtagh @ The Hague.
qualtagh yarn work

New work - superego @ The Hague.
superego yarn work

New work - cult @ The Hague.

Week 13 - 2015:

New work - petrichor @ The Hague.

New work - geometric @ The Hague.

Week 12 - 2015:

New work - cultone @ The Hague.